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States Visit September 2023

Becky & Paul's wedding gave us the perfect excuse to visit people! It took a lot of time to strategically plan what we were going to do and when. We planned to stay ten days (Thursday, September 7th through Sunday, September 17th). We did a lot when we were there! We saw a lot of friends and family. It was a week that felt like a month!

Bri's parents threw us a family party and my family (Stacy, Aunt Janet, Uncle Mike, and Mom) came. We also visited Uncle George in North Carolina for a few days and had a good time and a crab feast!

We had three happy hours so friends could come see us! Helen was our super friend and she came out to all three of our happy hours! Arlene came up all the way from Florida to see us!

We had a lot of fun. Thanks to all the people we saw.

Diary of States Visit September 2023