Boating June 30, 2021

Kenny came up to Maryland and wanted to take Bri and I out on one of his boats from his boat club. It was a beautiful day; perfect for boating. We met at a marina on the Eastern Shore. We decided to go up to the Inner Harbor (Baltimore). Kenny didn't know how to get there but the lady put it into his "gps" boat thing.

Half way there, Kenny stopped the boat to check something. The key popped out of the ignition and he temporarily lost it. He then couldn't figure out how to turn the boat back on so I had to google it.

That wasn't the stop to the fun things that happened. Poor Kenny's hat flew off twice. Bri had to fish it out with a stick. I was the one who was able to see it as it was a dark blue hat in the dark blue wavy water.

On the way back from the Inner Harbor, the boat started to fall apart! One of the polls that holds up the canapy came out. Mom had to hold it in place and we had to constantly zip the top back up.

Another thing that came completely off the boat was one of the pads on the inside of the boat. When we hit some waves, it kept raddling around until it fell off.

There was also a toilet on the boat that wasn't operational due to previous people clogging it with toilet paper.

Also, Kenny missed the place we were supposed to go into so we went up another river in the Chesapeake. I had to get google out and navigate us into the proper harbor! Google needs GPS for boats!

But all in all it was a fun time!

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