Bri Bri Fooling Everyone With Sexual Email

On the way home from the Bernie Journey, we stopped at a gas station. Shy struck up a conversation with a random dude. They exchanged email information. Later on the way home, the dude emailed Shy. Shy gave the phone to Bri to read the email.

Bri is really good at reading and also making up stuff on the fly and make it sound like he's reading. So he read the email aloud and ad-libbed a bit. He added the guy wanted Shy to come over for dinner and spend the night at his house, etc... like a sexual date. Bri said the guy found her very attractive, etc.

After he was done his ad-libbing, he read the rest of the email as normal. People in the van were stunned and laughing. Shy said it couldn't be real so she read just the last part of the email and assumed the whole email was read like normal. It was hilarious.

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